The beauty of agility and spontaneity encompasses everything Ex Dynamics is about. Our accelerated product development is available for when organisations want to move a project forwards quickly, whilst maintaining their own meticulous standards.

The Question:

Why would a large multinational utilise the services of a small independent team to undertake a product development project?

The Answer:

Small teams have agility and spontaneity. It’s in the nature of the team that is assembled to perform the functions required. Larger businesses are often less able to move quickly in areas such as new product development (NPD). They usually also have lengthy procedures, safeguards, controls and accountability to numerous levels of management. Exploring new technology and ideas for the first time amplifies these difficulties. For these organisations, outsourcing product development can often improve the efficiency of bringing new products to market.

A small business has a much simpler structure and a very focussed remit. After immediate conversation with colleagues and analysis of wider implications, experts can make quick decisions. In a lot of cases these can be same-day decisions. Where the exploration of new materials, devices or technology is at the core it can be longer. But it is still far quicker than a larger organisation can proceed.

Agility in Product Development

Within the definition of agility is the ability to discard a variable without consequence or criticism, because it didn’t quite achieve as expected. That’s the learning curve and nobody in a small business culture is frightened to try, to push the boundaries, to go outside the box, to see what happens. The cost of failure is a cost to the business, not clients, not for the scrutiny of those in more senior positions – it’s all just part of the product development experience.

A common analogy is the speedboat and the super-tanker. There are of course many benefits to being the super-tanker: global reach, marketing power, sales infrastructure and specialities across various departments. But the speedboat is the one that changes direction quickly, that stops and starts when conditions dictate. Super-tanker captains like to have a speedboat available when they need to get somewhere quickly, including fast-track product development.

Ex Dynamics’ engineers and project managers can develop products ready for launch in a fraction of the time it would have otherwise taken.