Case Studies

Most of the projects we undertake are under the veil of confidentiality, however we work with renowned companies around the world to support them with contributory components, technology implementation, product modification or complete new product range development. Our briefs run from purely advisory, development of particular technologies through to full development, certification and delivery.

Discovery is a key element of what we do and many of the materials, techniques and designs we create are transferable to many different applications. It’s this accumulation of knowledge that gives us huge efficiency advantages over other design houses and companies with a narrower sphere of in-house development.

Below are some examples where we have been asked to be involved, and subsequently delivered technology to pre-defined technical commitments and budgets.

We were approached to develop a system which would power a load and charge a battery during normal operation but should mains power fail, power the load from the battery. The specifications included use in zone 1 and 21 hazardous locations over a wide operating temperature range and self-testing of the battery and charging systems. Our experience of encapsulation/potting was used to design a control module and battery pack to fit in the customer’s existing product. Firmware was written for the embedded microcontroller to monitor battery parameters and control the charging, testing and backup power supply. Along with carrying out all design work, Ex Dynamics managed the entire ATEX, IECEx and EMC certification processes.

As part of designing a product range for this customer, a zone 1 and 21 explosion-proof housing was designed using the latest welding technologies to remove the need for any flamepath rework due to heat-related warping following welding, reducing costs and scrappage. As well as carrying out the mechanical design and specifying the welding process, Ex Dynamics selected reputable, quality-assured suppliers for the customer, managed all certification aspects and assisted the customer in setting up a quality system for ATEX/IECEx manufacturing.

As part of designing a product range for Customer C, a PCB was designed to allow an end-user to connect a networked product by either ethernet or fibre optic. It was specified that power could be provided either through the ethernet port using 802.11bt PoE++ or from an AC mains connection. A SFP port enabled the end-user flexibility to connect over long distance using multimode fibre, or through two separate network connections to have wiring redundancy. A reliable isolated power supply provided other internal modules with up to 51 W from either PoE or AC mains providing optional power supply redundancy.

Customer D wanted to expand their product offering to cover new sectors and Ex Dynamics were tasked with creating them a new, market-leading product range with worldwide certification. Market research was carried out to identify competitors and their position in the market, and a draft specification was drawn up for customer approval. Ex Dynamics’ team of engineers carried out all mechanical, electronic and software design to turn these specifications into a product range and managed the certification processes required for global markets including North America. As with all the work we carry out, on completion all intellectual property, design files and certification was handed over to our customer as though they carried out the development themselves.

As part of a product design project for customer E, the specification required worldwide certification and an enclosure containing a light-transmitting plastic region with low-temperature impact resistance, high transparency and the ability to withstand high internal pressures. A specialist transparent plastic was sourced which would meet these requirements and a coating process specified to enable compliance with the onerous North American chemical compatibility requirements. The enclosure was designed to meet IP66, IP67 and NEMA Type 4X using UL approved seals.