Want to invest in an exclusive market with high margins and huge barriers to entry? Ex Dynamics can remove these barriers, giving you access to the lucrative ex equipment markets.

Why diversify into Ex Equipment Markets?

All too often, markets become saturated with competitors. Prices are constantly driven downwards, margins eroded and service levels compromised. In some sectors, overseas economies are becoming way too competitive to even contemplate competing. Plus, no longer is the quality poor, in fact it’s extremely good and continually improving. It’s a race to the bottom and definitely not a rewarding environment for entrepreneurs.

Highly Regulated, Niche Market

So, you know all this already but what markets do you get into? Well, with the assistance of Ex Dynamics Ltd, you can become a manufacturer of explosion protected electrical equipment. This niche market has extremely high barriers to entry with every product legally requiring a certificate of safety before placement on the open market. Achieving this independent certification is arduous, time consuming and certainly not for the feint hearted.
However, Ex Dynamics’ vast experience in explosion protected electrical equipment and turnkey product design service shortcuts the learning curve. We not only manage the certification process for you, but select, advise and design the products from start to finish.

Opportunity in UK

The number of British manufacturers in this sector has vastly decreased over the past few years mainly due to acquisition. Therefore, this presents an even greater opportunity for any entrepreneur(s) willing to invest in new product design with Ex Dynamics. The opportunities are plenty with Industry 4.0 rolling out worldwide across industrial segments and with hazardous areas starting to follow suit.

Experience in Ex Equipment Markets

Ex Dynamics has many years of experience in the design and certification of explosion protected products. Having worked with most of the world’s leading brands in the sector we know the exact recipe for success. Unfortunately, the veil of confidentiality prevents us from using real-life examples of these brands and product ranges. However, it is safe to say that the market introduction of full product portfolios hits the sweet spot within Ex Dynamics.

Our expert team specialises in rapid New Product Development (NPD). Similarly, the Ex Dynamics facility houses all the equipment required to ensure a smooth and assured development process. Equipment includes PCB assembly for rapid electronics prototyping, Environmental Test Chambers, Impact Test Rigs, EMC test equipment, to name but a few.

Efficient Process

The team at Ex Dynamics manage projects utilising the latest project management techniques, delivering a first-class client experience with accurate timescale reporting and updates throughout the entire development process. Former clients of Ex Dynamics are now up and running selling tens of millions of pounds worth of product every year. All of them have said that they would more than likely still not be in the market had they opted to develop in-house. Above all, this brings into question the opportunity cost of ‘NOT’ using Ex Dynamics.

Sound Interesting?

So why not make contact with the team at Ex Dynamics for a free, no obligation discussion. You could be a new entrant into a highly lucrative and valued marketplace. If you have funds to invest and want to establish a new business to run, we’d be delighted to meet you.